Interior paintings based on Sacred Geometry.
Order the creation of an individual energy picture for yourself, enter into a constant resonance with the Universe.

collection of energy paintings
"Five Elements - Platonic SOLIDS"

The paintings from this collection are very individual and unique. Each painting represents a geometric symbol, which in turn is an element of the elements that make up our world. Having put together all five elements, five elements, we can look at our world from the point of view of integrity and self-sufficiency. These elements live in each of us, in our bodies, our chakras, our psyche and spiritual qualities. Understanding the interrelations that the science of sacred geometry opens for us, we can comprehend the laws of the universe and become masters of our lives.

gallery of energy paintings
created individually

This gallery was created so that you can understand how an individually created Amulet energy painting can look like.

I'm asking you some important questions, the answers to which become a unique recipe for creating an energy picture.

Individual Amulet Paintings have healing properties. They harmonize you at all levels of consciousness. You become more calm and consistent. Your physical and metaphysical body are balanced, which generates the effect of wholeness, that is, healing.

Energy painting / Amulet, this is your Spark. This is your reflection in the space of the Sacred Geometry of the Universe. This is you, expressed through geometric images, numbers, shapes and sequences. We can say that this is an image of your metaphysical body.
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